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  1. Grand Theft Auto V: RPH Plugins

  2. BeamNG.Drive

    1. HDT VK Commodore

      The aim is to learn JBeam whilst converting an Australian Icon into a game where the current idea is to cause as much mechanical mayhem as possible.

      To start with the journey into modding BeamNG.Drive has been somewhat easy in regards to modifying existing JBeams to "fit" around this model but it still isn't how I would like it to be in both physics in all aspects and handling. The car doesnt handle as you would expect unless travelling at extremely low speeds using the Fullsize JBeam as a donor with extensive modifications to fit to the shell of the VK, So the JBeam needs to be redone as its also the "wrong chassis type" for the model...

      Read more inside....

      BeamNG Vehicles
  3. Grand Theft Auto V: [EAP] RPH Plugins

  4. Grand Theft Auto V: Police Vehicles [Releases]

    1. 0
      GTA Vehicles
  5. FiveM

    1. ConsPiracyRP

      ConsPiracyRP is planned to be a lightweight but robust RolePlay Framework for FiveM.

      Unlike many others this is not planned to become opensource as the framework is being developed for internal use.

      GTA Misc Modifications
  6. Minecraft Modifications

    1. Feather Foot (Anti Crop Trample)

      Annoyed when you, or even worse - when AI trample your hard worked on farmlands?
      Well this modification can assist with your worries of crop trample in your minecraft worlds!

      Minecraft Mods (Forge)
      Minecraft Mods (Fabric)

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