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Website rework and cleanup

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Things around here have been slapped together half haphazardly and are in serious need of some tender love and care to reflect the vision of Realm of ConsKrypt and over the coming weeks you will notice that things have been changed, features will be removed/added as some things are not required any more. New sections will open up which will eventually replace the content here that will be removed to allow a greater opportunity for me to give members access to more services that I will provide such as but not limited to;

  • Custom artwork for social media
    - Emoticons for Twitch/YouTube channels.
    - Banner art for Twitch/YouTube/Twitter/Facebook etc.
    - Avatars for Twitch/YouTube/Twitter/Facebook etc.
    - Promotional artwork for clients.
  • Custom video sequences for social media
    - High quality intro video sequences.
    - High quality transitions for streaming software/video sequences.
    - Other high quality video sequences - (Be Right Back/Troubleshooting/Stream Starting/Stream Ending etc..)
  • Custom artworks (Hand Drawn)
  • High quality conversions
    - Getting 3D models 'game ready' for certain games with minimal loss to quality at as low polygon counts as possible for the game(s) in question.
    Conversion from render models from third party sources such as Humster3D, TurboSquid or other sources.
      + Supported games are currently; Grand Theft Auto V (FiveM included), BeamNG.Drive (Humster3D models are not valid due to licensing requirements for BeamNG) and eventually Assetto Corsa.
  • Custom modeling
    - Modeling of real/fictional vehicles and vehicle parts/addons.
    - Modeling of environment (Trees, plants etc).
    - Modeling of buildings and fixtures.

There are no set prices at the current moment for the planned types of work involved, however there will be a full in-depth list of prices and services available soon to explore.
There will still be FREE Game Ready models and conversions available and any custom works remain private to the order.
Completed works are not made available until the balance owed for the works has been satisfied in full.

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