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HSV VF GTS/R8 Sedan [Civ|Pol]

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At current you have seen the R8 in game already in its pre release form, which had its issues... Main one being the lack there of functional interior.

While the vehicles exterior is stunning to say the least and not to toot my own horn, but the interior aspect was where I was stumped up until recently.

I have now obtained a proper interior by means of extracting the meshes from Forza models.

Current Interior State

Among this the entire exterior is also getting a much desired facelift to fix the slight issues made apparent when used in pre-release phase by the people chose as testers.
Soon there will be a more thorough showcase type post where there will be more information provided and as to what is left to do before it is ready to hit the next phase of conversion. 

As Progress Is Made, More Information and Media will be made available to reflect the progress reported - stay tuned!

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