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  4. hi mate just wandering a release date on the r8


  5. ConsKrypt

    Website rework and cleanup

    Things around here have been slapped together half haphazardly and are in serious need of some tender love and care to reflect the vision of Realm of ConsKrypt and over the coming weeks you will notice that things have been changed, features will be removed/added as some things are not required any more. New sections will open up which will eventually replace the content here that will be removed to allow a greater opportunity for me to give members access to more services that I will provide such as but not limited to; Custom artwork for social media - Emoticons for Twitch/YouTube channels. - Banner art for Twitch/YouTube/Twitter/Facebook etc. - Avatars for Twitch/YouTube/Twitter/Facebook etc. - Promotional artwork for clients. Custom video sequences for social media - High quality intro video sequences. - High quality transitions for streaming software/video sequences. - Other high quality video sequences - (Be Right Back/Troubleshooting/Stream Starting/Stream Ending etc..) Custom artworks (Hand Drawn) High quality conversions - Getting 3D models 'game ready' for certain games with minimal loss to quality at as low polygon counts as possible for the game(s) in question. Conversion from render models from third party sources such as Humster3D, TurboSquid or other sources. + Supported games are currently; Grand Theft Auto V (FiveM included), BeamNG.Drive (Humster3D models are not valid due to licensing requirements for BeamNG) and eventually Assetto Corsa. Custom modeling - Modeling of real/fictional vehicles and vehicle parts/addons. - Modeling of environment (Trees, plants etc). - Modeling of buildings and fixtures. There are no set prices at the current moment for the planned types of work involved, however there will be a full in-depth list of prices and services available soon to explore. There will still be FREE Game Ready models and conversions available and any custom works remain private to the order. Completed works are not made available until the balance owed for the works has been satisfied in full.
  6. ConsKrypt

    Chrysler 300C Civilian

    This is a bug with the model and it requires an update, as this was my first conversion there are issues that are yet to be rectified. I currently do not have a valid ZModeler licence so am unable to rectify the issue for now, I will however get this done as soon as possible. Thank you for bringing this to my attention as I have forgotten to update the civilian version when I fixed the police version(s).
  7. Wallierocks2001

    Chrysler 300C Civilian

    how do i fix the brake and tail lights they are white and when i use reverse the back indicators come on any idea how i can fix this problem
  8. Recently I have been contacted to do some work on a FiveM project which has taken up all the spare time I would usually spend on vehicle development/refinement for the various games I target. This does not mean the projects listed in the previous post are abandoned or anything like this, it just means they are for now, placed on the "lower priority" list. I cannot give an estimate as to when any work will be done on any of the models progress listed in the previous post but will ensure I get around to posting updates whenever I'm able to spend some time on one of the many existing projects on my plate. I will release more information about this FiveM project as it evolves from a development phase into an "alpha" stage - which should not be all that far off.
  9. I am very much looking forward to the release of this beast! Awesome work!!
  10. Version 1.0-PREVIEW


    Firstly, thank you for downloading! THIS OR ANY OTHER FILE THAT CAME WITH THIS README (INCLUSIVE OF RECURSIVE FOLDERS) ARE NOT TO BE RE-UPLOADED/REDISTRIBUTED BY ANYONE OTHER THEN MYSELF ON ANY OTHER WEBSITES/REPO WITHOUT MY PRIOR CONSENT. DOMAINS PERMITTED FOR HOSTING ARE; https://conskrypt.com/ : Realm of ConsKrypt https://ausgamer.net/ : AusGamer Network === FIVE-M STREAMING === You are allowed to stream this vehicle from FiveM servers using supplied internal methods (As a resource). SAMPLE __resource.lua FILE resource_manifest_version '77731fab-63ca-442c-a67b-abc70f28dfa5' description 'Ford F150 Raptor - New South Wales Police Force Highway Patrol Edition: By ConsKrypt. URL: https://conskrypt.com/' files { 'metas/vehicles.meta', 'metas/carvariations.meta', 'metas/handling.meta', 'els/raptorpol.xml' -- This line is only required if you use ELS+ // MrDaGree's ELS Requires you to place it within its own VCF folder and add your entry to its ELS Streming Config. } data_file 'HANDLING_FILE' 'handling.meta' data_file 'VEHICLE_METADATA_FILE' 'vehicles.meta' data_file 'VEHICLE_VARIATION_FILE' 'carvariations.meta' is_els 'true' -- This line is only required if you use ELS+ YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO REDISTRIBUTE VIA ANY OTHER MEANS WITHOUT PRIOR WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM MYSELF (ConsKrypt). === SP STREAMING === You are allowed to stream your game play to various platforms if you feel the need. DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE THE VEHICLES FILES IN PART OR FULL - IF YOU WISH TO PROVIDE A DOWNLOAD LINK, PLEASE CONSIDER LINKING THE ORIGINAL DOWNLOAD PAGE! === How To Install? === This initial version only comes with the files required - future versions will come with both this method _and_ the option to download in DLC/FiveM form If you have no idea about the basics of GTA V modding on the PC, please visit YouTube and make a quick search as there are an abundance of quality made tutorials already available, and yes - this is how I learned too. === CREDITS === Turn10 Studios (Forza Horizon 3): F150 Base Model. Blender: Enabling me to model. Photo Shop: The tool of choice for Skinning. === PARTS CREDITS === Livery by ConsKrypt Code 3 Defender by ConsKrypt Code 3 Defender Textures by ConsKrypt Dirt mapping by Turn10 Studios (Retained Default UV Maps - for now) Rollbar by ConsKrypt === KNOWN BUGS === NO TEMPLATE PROVIDED AS IT IS YET TO BE UV'D SO THERE IS NO POINT PROVIDING ONE UNTIL THIS HAS BEEN DONE. (PLEASE CONTACT ME FOR POTENTIAL EXTRA LIVERIES TO BE INCLUDED) Rear Doors (TODO) Rear Glass - Non Breakable (TODO) Adjustment of Livery on Passengers Side Required (NSW Crest slightly off). "Mysterious" Emerg Lights under hood/bonnet (LOL! They are off the R8 to be exact - Whoopsieeee) Paint job needs more "Shine" (Revisit custom Specmap). Incorrect part mapping on light bar (sorry, now you will probs notice it).
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