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  3. hi just letting you know i will be using ur police cars in my server 'Straya Freeroam"

    1. ConsKrypt


      Cheers for letting me know bud!

  4. ConsKrypt


    Version 1.0.0


    This map is still a Work in progress and DOES contain some bugs that are being worked on for upcoming updates. This map was converted from Assetto Corsa and some features are still missing and being worked on.
  5. ConsKrypt

    Holden HDT VK Commodore

    Unfortunately due to other life commitments this project has not been completed and is unavailable currently. The project is still underway but I have little time to work on it due to the above reason.
  6. ConsKrypt


    Valheim is an Early Access release, but done right, this itself is a rare case. Valheim is something of true beauty, even though the art style is simplistic and some may see that as 'low quality', it really suits the playstyle of the game as a whole. The strange mix of Playstation One textures and current day AAA styled lighting and environment effects works quite well, Valheim is a strange mix of pre-existing games such as Ark, Minecraft, World of Warcraft (but not on an MMO kind of level, just graphics wise) and it seems to have completely hit the metaphorical nail on the head. Building in Valheim is a breeze once you get the hang of its sometimes finicky 'snap points', when you do you can build anything you desire so long as you have proper structural support for your build(s). If you fail to properly support you building(s) then you will notice it start to fall down right infront of your eyes - however you do get the resources back when it's destroyed from collapse which is a bonus and allows you to keep on building with just a few seconds to adjust your tactics on your build to provide proper support. I personally find it better to build a skeleton structure before you append the outer walls/doors/windows/chimneys as it gives you a better feel for how the internal layout will be. There is a catch with the building though, a Workbench is required and can be tedious to encase the entire build area within the 'safezone' of a workbench so you might need to build a few Workbench's around your build to fully encapsulate the work area. A Workbench also requires its own enclosure (roof and walls required for crafting but NOT FOR BUILDING). The Boss system is something not to be taken light heartedly at all, however - said Bosses do not come into play until you (and your team) want them to, so you have control of the progression in Valheim. You must collect items to summon each Boss in the game world at their respective shrines. Once you have defeated each boss you will collect a trophy that you can then get special abilities from once you have placed the trophy upon the shrine which can be activated upon request. more to come...
  7. hey how can i download the vk 


  8. zrkty

    Holden HDT VK Commodore

    how can i down;oad this
  9. JoblessGamer

    1987 Holden Dealer Team VL Walkinshaw

    just maily if you could give me the right paths to put everything that would be much appreciated
  10. JoblessGamer

    1987 Holden Dealer Team VL Walkinshaw

    Hey mate, just trying to download the VL and im still not excatly sure of how to install the cars, along with the handling, meta, textures and the plates, can you please give me some guidence and how to install it corectly just so i dont fuck up my game, also is it possible to to use this car as a replacement so i can see it driving around on the street? or not? i dont really mind. ill probley have the car installed before this comment gets answered anyway unless i give up haha. cheers mate
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