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  • Current Changelog for Kryptopian ATLAS

    • Iteration x03
      Downgraded to three of the four servers locally, will be seeking hosting of the fourth and maybe more externally hosted servers to mesh (more testing and server space donations required).
      Prognosis is that the server is capable at running THREE of the required FOUR servers, game world does work - unsure what happens though when trying to pass into the realms that should be the fourth server.
    • Iteration x02
      Attempt to run a 2x2 Grid (total of four servers) considered Semi success.
        Although server did run, CPU utilisation was maxxed at all times rendering the game world to be somewhat laggy and occasional timeouts were something that became apparent due to the max utilisation.
    • Iteration x01
      Single Grid server was set up considered a success.



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